About Us

Once Upon A Time

Back in 2016, We sat around our kitchen island in the city of Calgary and decided to start a journey called "Entrepreneurship."   

A passion for distinctive flavours and desire to bring fun to this amazing city, inspired us to pursue a dream of sharing the goodness of aromatic breads, sumptious pastries and life-giving coffee.   

By staying true to the authentic and unique flavours of their own kitchens and those around the world, they knew that providing good food could lead to life-long memories.

We Believe In

YOU: We want to build great customer experiences that always leave you with a smile and coming back for more.
Social Responsibility: Calgary is near and dear to our hearts, and want to play a role in supporting it any way we can.  
Business Partners: We care deeply about our employees; suppliers and stakeholders. Working at the highest ethical and professional standards where honesty and safety are always first.    

Fresh, simple ingredients using traditional techniques is the heart of our products.   

Our ingredients: We carefully source ingredients that enhance our exceptional flavours.   We believe in Alberta and Canadian Made products and this drives our sourcing process. Canadian flour, dairy, eggs and the BEST locally roasted coffee are part of our efforts to provide the best and support our economy.  

Traditional Production Processes: By mastering the bread proofing process, our exceptional breads have the advantage of time on their side. We don't cut corners and we don't rush the yeast.

We also care about the Environment.
By using biodegradable cups and lids, paper hand towels from reclycled sources, we continue our efforts to reduce our foot print.

The Plan

Our vision is to see Rucas across our beloved province of Alberta. Later on, the sky is the limit.   We also want to be one the best employers in this province; a place where people enjoy their jobs and come to work with and smile that lasts the whole day.  

While we are a profit oriented company focused on maximizing our shareholder's return; we also want our local communities to feel our big charitable hear as well.   

The best for last!

By accomodating the cravings of our customers with incredible flavours, consistent products and great customer experiences, we want to be our city's first choice, every time!